Get Outside Go YAKIN

Growing up in Mobile, Alabama I immersed myself in the outdoors.

 Not only do we have the woods for hiking and hunting, the bay for

fishing and water skiing, the beach for laying out and surfing, but at

our fingertips we also have the joint of five rivers into one area

known as the delta. The delta is one of the most naturally beautiful

playgrounds on the planet. from boating to paddle-boarding to fishing

and exploring, the diversity of birds, reptiles and fauna make the

delta one of the most sacred areas. Much of it remains untouched by

humans. The sound of crickets and fish jumping substitutes the

constant sound of car engines and ring tones found in the city. This

nature becomes a refuge not only for its natural inhabitants, but also

for us. Getting back into nature is a solace to the soul. It heals

deeper wounds than a margarita can, and it is omnipresent.

Kayaking through its landscape you travel not only up the river, but

back in time when life was simpler and nature more valued. Yakin

was created as a lifestyle to pull people back in to this nature, to help

people get outside and enjoy the beauty of our world. I believe that

humans were created to be outside to enjoy this beautiful home that

was made for us away from technology and pollution and chaos,

getting back to nature makes humans not only better stewards of our

Earth, but better stewards to one another. So get outside!